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At present in the UK great swathes of the population have no idea at all of the wonder of the Bible’s message of salvation and a new start in life with a truly and completely clean sheet.

Jesus is mocked and generally discredited in ways which show how little people understand the true nature of the experience of knowing God through faith in His Son. If it’s not mockery it’s probably going to be something like “I’ve never tried it ‘cos I don’t like it.” We try to show that knowing God through faith in Jesus meets the deepest needs of the human heart.

Eternal life is not some idealistic and ill-considered pipe dream that enables people to hide from the harsh realities. It is a quality of life which, since “eternal “ must include all time, is both a present experience as well as an expectation for the future. It is unending because it is grounded in qualities on which no constraints need to be placed, “against which there is no law” as the Bible puts it. It’s no bed of roses, but a continual learning curve powered by God’s Spirit.

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